Please note that your registration is binding as soon as you submit it. By submitting your registration, you agree to our terms and conditions. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not submitted your registration yourself and were thus wrongly registered, please notify us immediately. When planning to register for a course, please keep our registration deadlines in mind.

Please note our information and FAQ on the delivery of courses in the spring semester 2022. During the corona pandemic, the Language Center reserves the right to make changes in accordance with measures introduced by the Federal Government and the University of Basel.

For all courses that require prior knowledge, you must take a compulsory placement test on the computer before registering. The test makes it possible to determine your current language level, which facilitates a decision about which course is most appropriate to you.

Our courses must be cost-covering, which means that courses can only run with a minimum of 9 participants. The Language Center cannot guarantee that a course you registered for will take place. The Language Center strives to also run courses with fewer than nine participants. Should we have received fewer than nine registrations by the registration deadline, we will thus contact all registered participants. We will inquire whether all registered participants consent to paying a higher course fee so that the course can be cost-covering despite the reduced number of participants. Hence when the contacted participants consent to a higher course fee, this consent will be binding. 

Course confirmations with all necessary information pertaining to the course (course materials, location and room number etc.) are sent via email to all participants 5 working days prior to the start of the course. Should you not receive a course confirmation, please contact us promptly. 

As lecturers are paid with the course fees, all registered participants must pay invoices within 30 days of issue (use payment slips delivered by post or email). Invoices are sent out after the start of the course.

We appeal to your sense of responsibility and fairness toward your fellow students and the Language Center lecturers: Please carefully consider whether you can realistically join the course, and if the class time fits your timetable. Your deregistration after a course group has been constituted could lead to cancellation of the course on short notice.


In case of deregistration, the following fees are due:

  • You must pay a service fee of CHF 50 if you deregister up to five working days before the start of the course.
  • You must pay the full course fee if you deregister four or fewer working days before the start of the course. The course fee cannot be refunded under any condition.

Course fees will not be refunded in case of

  • the change of the course delivery mode (Digital <-> Presence),
  • the change of the certificate requirement (3G <-> 2G <-> 2G+),
  • of non-attendance due to quarantine, isolation, illness, military service, etc.
  • of changes resulting from the requirements of the Corona Task Force of the University of Basel.

Please notify the Language Center office via e-mail, if you wish to deregister from a course.

Late Registration

For semester courses, late registration is usually possible up until two weeks after the start of a course. For late registrations, you must register in person at the Language Center office. Please note that the course sessions you have already missed count as absences. You will find the maximum number of allowed absences in the course description. Under no condition can you deregister for a service fee of CHF 50 after having registered late. If you withdraw from a course after having registered late, the full course fee will be owed.