English: Conversation Training - Advanced

Conversations of different kinds are indispensable to academic, professional and personal life. Navigating a wide spectrum of oral interactions on a range of topics, in varied settings and on diverse levels of formality can sometimes be daunting.

This conversation training is the third in a three-level conversation module. It is designed for students and staff who would like to improve their oral interaction skills in a convivial atmosphere while also exploring different perspectives on a range of contemporary issues on an advanced level.

Participants get ample practice to expand their vocabulary and language of oral communication, to become more fluent, and to build confidence in expressing themselves.

Some of the activities may include:
  • Extracting, summarising and evaluating information from images, spoken texts and written documents
  • Interpreting and producing short descriptive, narrative, and argumentative texts
  • Practising interaction types for exchanging information and opinions in informal conversation and formal discussions
  • Conversing with the aim to reach consensus about plans and ideas.
Materials about areas such as culture and science, media and news, work and leisure may be drawn from a range of sources from different parts of the English-speaking world.

This advanced training can be taken on its own or alongside other language courses.
Further information:
Course level:
C1+ [more]
Anthony Mahler [more]
Monday, 12h30-13h30
Course period:
16.10.2017 - 11.12.2017 (Herbstsemester 2017)
Credit points:
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Certificate of attendance:
In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this course, you are not allowed to be absent more than maximum one time.
± 30 minutes / week
Course fee:
CHF 144 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for students and PhD candidates)
CHF 180 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for University employees)
Registration deadline:
17.05.2017 - 11.10.2017
This course can be attended without a placement test. However, for your own orientation you are welcome to take a computer placement test at the Language Centre prior to the course and enter your results in the registration form.
An oral placement interview will be conducted by the lecturer, if no preceding course has been attended with him/her.
Oral placement interviews will be held on Monday, 09.10.2017, 10-14h.
Replacement date:
The supplementary replacement date for lessons that might not take place is: 02.12.2017 from 10h - 16h
Registration no longer possible
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