Preparation: Cambridge CAE Starter (Course 1)

CAE Starter is the first module in a two-semester course preparing advanced users for the "Cambridge English: Advanced" (CAE) exam. This course is suited to participants who seek a thorough, gradual introduction to the CAE. In addition to a review of language skills, participants are introduced to exam techniques for the four papers (Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking). The Starter module offers students guidelines enabling them to continue their own self-study preparation towards the exam. It also lays the foundation for participation in the follow-up CAE Booster module, which will be offered the following semester.

NB: The Booster course in the next semester might not be on the same day in the same timeslot.

Prospective participants are advised to contact the Language Centre for consultation about suitable intensive courses during the semester break that will prepare them for this course. Participants needing grammar training can also attend "English: Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary" during the semester.
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Further information:
Course level:
B2/C1 [more]
Judith Sidler [more]
Tuesday, 16h15-17h45
Course period:
26.09.2017 - 12.12.2017 (Herbstsemester 2017)
Credit points:
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Certificate of attendance:
In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this course, you are not allowed to be absent more than maximum two times.
± 120 minutes / week
Course materials:
Complete Advanced. Student´s Book with answers with CD-Rom. 2nd Edition, Guy Brook-Hart and Simon Haines. Cambridge University Press (ISBN: 978-1-107-67090-7).

Further details will be found in the course confirmation. Please do not acquire the course materials before then.
Course fee:
CHF 288 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for students and PhD candidates)
CHF 576 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for University employees)
Registration deadline:
17.05.2017 - 26.09.2017
This course requires either an obligatory computer placement test or completion of a preceding course.
If you have not attended a preceding course, a computer placement test has to be taken prior to registration.
An oral placement interview will be conducted by the lecturer, if no preceding course has been attended with him/her.
Oral placement interviews will be held on Tuesday, 19.09.2017, 16h15-17h45.
Replacement date:
The supplementary replacement date for lessons that might not take place is: 02.12.2017 from 10h - 16h
Registration no longer possible
Possible parallel courses (courses that deal with the same contents at a different time).
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