Writing to Be Published for the Natural Sciences

This tailor-made writing course for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers in the Natural Sciences is designed in collaboration with the Vice Rectorate for Research. It is jointly taught by a postdoctoral researcher and a linguist with expertise in academic writing.

The structural part of the course is dedicated to analysing the macro- and micro-structure of scientific articles from your field, and developing linguistic tools to guide your readers through your research. Alongside structure, special attention is paid to language so that writers learn how to express complexity with clarity. We will examine general guidelines for writing and rhetoric, and also analyse authentic samples from different academic and science genres. The sample includes a selection ranging from websites and proposals to abstracts, popular and academic articles. The course emphasises writing in a hands-on manner, with composition, peer review and revision taking place in each class, thus creating a collaborative learning environment.

Participation in this class is subject to adequate levels in writing as proven in a writing task before commencement of the workshop.

Course dates: 9 October, 23 October, 6 November, 20 November and 4 December.

Should you be interested in this course, please contact: info-sprachenzentrum@unibas.ch
Further information:
Course level:
C1 [more]
Claudine Neyen, Riana Paola [more]
Monday, 14h45h-17h45
9 October, 23 October, 6 November, 20 November and 4 December.
Course period:
09.10.2017 - 04.12.2017 (Herbstsemester 2017)
Credit points:
Click here for full information [more]
Certificate of attendance:
In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this course, you are not allowed to be absent more than maximum one time.
± 120 minutes / week
Course materials:
A script will be distributed electronically.
Further details will be found in the course confirmation. Please do not acquire the course materials before then.
Course fee:
CHF 240 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for students and PhD candidates)
CHF 480 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for University employees)
Registration deadline:
17.05.2017 - 14.11.2017
Replacement date:
The supplementary replacement date for lessons that might not take place is: 02.12.2017 from 10h - 16h
Registration no longer possible
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