Deutsch als Fremdsprache: EinsteigerInnen II (Kurs 1)

This course continues the course "EinsteigerInnen I" (if you have attended at least 8 sessions or 16 lessons). Learners with some German knowledge are invited to join this course after a short talk with the Language Centre staff/ lecturer. Further fundamentals of grammar (e.g. modal verbs, perfect forms, pronouns, comparison) and vocabulary will be taught. Linguistic situations in University-, working- and personal life will be trained.

Regular progress checks are an essential element of this course.
Further information:
Required entry level:
Course level:
A1, Part 2 of 2 [more]
Hildegard Meister [more]
Monday, 16h15-17h45
Course period:
25.09.2017 - 11.12.2017 (Herbstsemester 2017)
Certificate of attendance:
In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this course, you are not allowed to be absent more than maximum two times.
± 120 minutes / week
Course materials:
1) Begegnungen A1+. Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Integriertes Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch. Schubert-Verlag
    (ISBN: 978-3-929526-86-8).
2) Begegnungen A1+. Glossar  für die Sprachen Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch. Schubert-Verlag
    (ISBN: 978-3-929526-88-2).

The following grammar text is recommended for self-study:
Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Grammatik aktiv: A1-B1. Üben. Hören. Sprechen. Cornelsen Verlag Berlin (ISBN: 978-3-06-023972-6).  

Further details will be found in the course confirmation. Please do not acquire the course materials before then.
Course fee:
CHF 240 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for students and PhD candidates)
CHF 480 plus CHF 3 materials costs (for University employees)
Registration deadline:
17.05.2017 - 24.09.2017
Replacement date:
The supplementary replacement date for lessons that might not take place is: 02.12.2017 from 10h - 16h
Course fully booked
Possible parallel courses (courses that deal with the same contents at a different time).
  • Deutsch als Fremdsprache: EinsteigerInnen II (Kurs 2) (Mittwoch, 16h15-17h45; Hildegard Meister)
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