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The Language Center is located at Totentanz 17, 4051 Basel, station "Universitätsspital": Tram 11 or busses 31, 33, 34, 36, and 38.

From Kollegiengebäude / Petersplatz

Take bus no. 34 direction "Riehen Bahnhof", stop "Universitätsspital" ( 1 minute). Eight-minute-walk.

From station SBB

Take tram 11 till stop "Universitätsspital"; direction: St-Louis Grenze (10 minutes).

From Klingelbergstrasse

Take busses to stop "Universitätsspital": no. 31  (direction "Riehen Friedhof") or no. 36 (direction "Schifflände") or no. 38 (direction "Wyhlen Siedlung"). With bus no. 33: From stop "Bernouillianum" or "Kinderspital UKBB" to stop "Universitätsspital" (three-minute-drive).

From Klingelberstrasse to the Language Center you have a ten-minute-walk.