University of Basel - Language Centre

The Language Centre of the University of Basel was inaugurated in January 2003. It was founded with the aims of advancing language knowledge and of ensuring sustainability of language learning. Alongside these aims, it answers the demands for modern educational and professional qualifications, cultural and intercultural comprehension and increased mobility. The Language Centre offers varied and professional language acquisition prospects.


A multimedia room offers all possibilities for multimedia instruction in language courses, training seminars, conferences and workshops.

In a self-study centre with 16 computers, students and members of staff can work via appropriate language programmes to acquire, broaden and elaborate on language knowledge autonomously and individually. If desired, learners can work according to an individual study plan developed in consultation with the Director of the Language Centre.

In the media centre a wide range of learning and teaching materials are at the users' disposal for autonomous and cooperative learning (no lending).

The multimedia room, self-study centre and media centre can be rented by external institutions for their functions. Interested parties should approach the Director of the Language Centre.