Credit points for activities at the Language Center of the University of Basel

General information

Whether credit points are awarded for a course and, if so, how many is stated in the course announcement in the current schedule of courses at the Language Center.

To earn credits, participants must complete the coursework and fulfill certain conditions, including the required attendance and coursework. Detailed information can be found in each course announcement.

When a student at the University of Basel passes the required coursework, the Language Center will enter the number of earned credits directly into MOnA by the end of January or the end of July. Students will be notified if they earned credits and whether they passed or failed the course. Students from other universities who want to earn credits should contact the Language Center.

It is mandatory to submit all coursework by the end of the course for all courses at the Language Center.


New policy for credit points for introductory courses starting fall semester 2022

Previously, credits could only be earned for EinsteigerInnen or EinsteigerInnen I courses after one had completed Grundkurs I or EinsteigerInnen II. Starting fall semester 2022, this is no longer the case. Participants can now earn two credit points for the following EinsteigerInnen courses after completing the coursework:

  • Arabisch: EinsteigerInnen
  • Brasilianisch-Portugiesisch: EinsteigerInnen
  • Deutsch als Fremdsprache: EinsteigerInnen I
  • Französisch: EinsteigerInnen I
  • Italienisch: EinsteigerInnen
  • Spanisch: EinsteigerInnen

This new policy also applies to the following languages, in which participants used to be able to earn a total of six credit points. Now, two credit points will also be awarded for these EinsteigerInnen courses after participants complete the course work:

  • Chinesisch: EinsteigerInnen
  • Japanisch: EinsteigerInnen
  • Russisch: EinsteigerInnen I

Please note: To receive credit points based on the old policy, participants must have attended an EinsteigerInnen or EinsteigerInnen I course at most two semesters ago. Participants who attended an EinsteigerInnen or EinsteigerInnen I course in the spring or fall semester of 2021 or in the spring semester of 2022 and completed the required coursework will receive credit points based on the old policy.

If you have any questions, please contact the administrative team:


New policy for credit points in discipline-specific language courses starting fall semester 2022

At the University of Basel, one credit point corresponds to thirty hours of student work. Starting with the fall semester of 2022, the number of credit points for specialized language courses will be reduced from the current three credits to two credits to reflect the actual amount of time necessary to complete the coursework. For courses at the Language Center, the student workload includes the studying that goes into preparing and reviewing for class as well as autonomous learning beyond what is covered in class.

Allowance of credit points

The faculties of the University of Basel determine the maximum number of credit points that can be awarded for courses at the Language Center as complementary courses or electives in their programs. The agreement with each faculty can be found below.

Agreements with the faculties