Requirements and acquisition of credit points

As in general, credit points can be earned for attending language courses at the Language Center. In order to earn credit points, requirements and certain conditions must be met. Detailed information can be found in the respective course descriptions.

Recognition of the credit points

In the courses of the Language Center, all assignments must be submitted by the end of the course. All course participants will be informed after the end of the course whether they have passed (pass) or failed (fail) the course. If the required assignments have been successfully completed, the Language Center will transfer the number of credits earned for students of the University of Basel directly to the credit account in Online Services at the end of January (fall semester) or at the end of July (spring semester). Failed results (fail) will not be transmitted. The faculties of the University of Basel determine the maximum number of credit points that can be awarded for courses at the Language Center in the complementary area or in the elective area. The respective agreements with the faculties can be found below.

Students from other universities who wish to receive credit should contact the Language Center Office.

Objection period for course results

The deadline for appeals is 1 September for the spring semester and 1 March for the fall semester. The appeal must be submitted in writing via e-mail to