Placement procedure for courses in English

1. Self-assessment form

Please fill out the self-assessment form first to assess your current level of English.

  • If you are interested in one of the following courses (English for Work, Legal English, English for Science, English for Medical Practice, English in Psychology for Students and Practitioners, Academic Writing) you can register directly online for the corresponding course. Please enter your previous knowledge in the "Previous Course" field of the registration form (e.g. 6 years of English in school or English course level B2 in 2019).
  • If you are interested inEnglish: Conversation Training − Advanced or English: Pronunciation for Clear Communication please register online for the course. You will then receive an invitation for an oral assessment.
  • If you are interested in any other course, please proceed to the placement test.

2. Placement test

Here you can find our placement test. The test takes about 2-2.5h and consists of 5 parts: Listening, Writing, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary. You are free to choose the order of the individual parts. Self-assessment for the listening, writing and reading parts is optional. Please read each assignment carefully and make sure your speakers are working for listening. Before you can start, there is the so-called verb test. In this part you will receive a score between 0 and 1000 as a result. Please note this down.

Important: For each part of the test you will receive a separate test result (indicated in the levels A1-C2 of the European Framework of Reference). Please note down the respective result directly after each test part, the system does not save the results.

Submit your placement test results using thislink.

3. Consultation

We'll contact you to schedule a consultation.