Spanish course program overview

You can find the current scheduled courses here.

Intensive courses

CourseLevelCourse materialContent
Spanisch: A1 intensivA1Universo.ele A1Chapter 1-7
Spanisch: A2.1 intensiv*A2.1Universo.ele A2Chapter 8-11


Semester courses

CourseLevelCourse materialContent
Spanisch: A1A1Universo.ele A1Chapter 1-7
Spanisch: A2.1A2.1Universo.ele A2Chapter 8-11
Spanisch: A2.2A2.2Universo.ele A2Chapter 12-14
Spanisch: B1.1B1.1Aula 3Chapter 1-6
Spanisch: B1.2B1.2Aula 3Chapter 7-12
Spanisch: B2.1B2.1Aula 4Chapter 1-6
Spanisch: B2.2B2.2Aula 5Chapter 1-6
Spanisch: C1.1C1.1En accion 4Chapter 1-3
Spanisch: C1.2C1.2En accion 4Chapter 4-6
Spanisch: C1.3C1.3En accion 4Chapter 7-9
Spanisch: Konversationstraining A1/A2A1/A2 The contents of at least A1 must be known.
Español Práctico*B1/B2 The contents of at least A2.2 must be known.
Español Médico*B1/B2 The contents of at least A2.2 must be known.

* offered only once a year