Online Writing Consultation: German and English

You are writing a text for your studies or research—in German or in English—and would like assistance because the text does not flow smoothly or the language does not fulfill your expectations and needs?
Whether it is an essay or a handout, a bachelor’s or a master’s thesis, a dissertation or a research paper, we can help you find the right words to express your ideas aptly. You can receive support in:

  • structuring and organizing the text;
  • making the text coherent (logical links between sentences);
  • finding apt expressions;
  • answering grammatical and lexical questions.

It is best to come to the consultation with specific questions about individual passages of the text. Questions that are specific to a discipline cannot be answered.

Online writing consultations are sixty-minute individual sessions on Zoom.

This offer is for students and PhD candidates at the University of Basel.

Native speaker or level B1 completed


CHF 35.00 per 60 minutes