Offer for exchange students

The University of Basel Language Center offers the following language courses:

•    intensive courses: usually 36 lessons during the 2 weeks before the beginning of the spring or fall semester.
•    semester courses: usually 12 weeks of 2 lessons each week.

Once you have been accepted as an exchange student at the University of Basel, you can register online for language courses. Please note the registration deadline for each course (for intensive courses, usually at the end of August or the end of January; for semester courses, one week before the course starts).

German courses for speakers of German and other languages

Students in University of Basel mobility programs (except for the Swiss Mobility Program) can receive a reimbursement from the Student Exchange Office for the cost of a German course if they attend regularly:

•    German as a Foreign Language: intensive and semester courses
•    German for Speakers of German and Other Languages: semester courses

Other languages

Exchange students can also register for other language courses, but participants are required to pay a fee in these courses. The course fee is indicated in the course description.


To start a language course that is suitable for you immediately after you arrive in Basel, you must take a placement test on the computer before registering. You can find all the information about the placement process on our website.

Credit points

For administrative reasons, credit points cannot be transferred to other universities. However, if you successfully complete a language course, we will be happy to issue, upon request, a certificate of attendance indicating the credits earned. If you need a grade, please inform your course instructor as well as the Language Center administrators at the beginning of the course.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you!