Placement procedure for courses in French

1. Self-assessment form

Please fill out the self-assessment form first to assess your current level of French.

  • If you are interested in Französisch: Konversationstraining A2, Pique-niquer en Français, Petit déjeuner en paix or Français : Conversation à partir de B1 please register online for the course. You will then receive an invitation for an oral assessment.
  • If you are interested in any other course, please proceed to the placement test.

2. Placement test

Here you can find our placement test. The test lasts a maximum of 90 minutes and consists of 3 parts (listening comprehension, grammar and reading comprehension) with a total of 80 questions.

Please note that the test cannot be paused and must be completed in one go. It is not necessary to prepare for the test. You will receive your result directly at the end of the test. Please take a screenshot of the result and send it to us at

3. Consultation

We will contact you to schedule a consultation.


Course program overviem

Here you can find the entire French course program.