Placement procedure for courses in Italian

1. Self-assessment form

Please fill out the self-assessment form first to assess your current level of Italian.

2. Placement test

You can find our placement test here. 

There are two individual tests: A1/A2 and B1/B2. Both tests consist of 4 levels (A1.1/A1.2/A2.1/A2.2) and there is a maximum of 36 points per level. Please start with test part A1.1, then continue with A1.2 and so on. The tasks become progressively more difficult. The test shows you whether you should continue with the next test part or where you currently stand. Answer the questions only as long as you are really sure. You will not get any points for not answering the questions. As soon as you start guessing, you should stop. Each part of the test takes about 10-20 minutes.

As a result you will receive per completed test part as well as a recommendation on how to proceed. I.e. either you continue with the next part of the test or you will be shown which chapter of the textbook you should continue with. At the end of the test you will also receive a detailed evaluation. You can also have the results sent to you by e-mail.

3. Consultation

f you have found the right course with the help of the overview of the Italian course program (below) you are welcome to register online for the corresponding course. In this case, no consultation is necessary.

If you are unsure about your course choice, or if you have previous knowledge of Italian because your family or your environment is Italian-speaking, please send your placement results (score incl. detailed evaluation) to to arrange a consultation.


Course program overview

Here you can find the entire Italian course program.