Proofreading for Student Work

This service is open to students of all disciplines who wish to have their English texts not intended for publication (e.g. seminar papers, Bachelor’s or Master’s theses) professionally proofread and who have their supervisor’s consent to do so.

Students of all subject areas at the University of Basel and partner institutions of higher education in Switzerland.
Texts not intended for publication
  • Texts of up to 6000 words are proofread within 7 working days
  • Texts of more than 6000 words are proofread according to mutually agreed timelines
You must submit the complete text for proofreading all at once. Only where your text consists of independent chapters can it be proofread in parts.
  • Submit your proofreading request by using the Request form.
  • Submit either your complete text or a text sample (800-1000 words in MS Word) to for our consideration.
  • During our opening hours, we will inform you within 3 work days whether or not we can proofread your text within the proposed timeframe.
  • We will provide you with a proofreading agreement detailing the scope and timeline of your proofreading commission.
  • Once both you and your supervisor have signed the relevant sections of the contract, we will start working on your text.
  • We will return your proofread text to you by the agreed-upon due date. You will receive the document in “track changes” mode, so that you can decide yourself which changes you would like to accept/reject.
  • After you have applied the changes you would like to accept, you return your text to us once again so that the proofreader can check queried sections.
  • Upon the final check, we will return the final version to you.
  • Along with the final version, you will receive a proofreading certificate that states the scope of the proofreading.
Please note that proofreading is a time-consuming service and that if you fail to adhere to the agreed-upon deadlines, you jeopardize the quality of the proofreading and the ability of the proofreader to return work on time. If you do not keep to the deadlines, the proofreader will have the option to withdraw from the commission or to return proofread texts after the specified deadlines. If you do not submit your text for a final check, the proofreading certificate will explicitly note that the Language Center is not responsible for errors that remain because of unchecked changes made by the author.
CHF 2.05/ 100 words incl. VAT, payable within 30 days upon receipt (CHF 2.25/ 100 words incl. VAT for demanding requests).
Should you author fail to submit a manuscript after signing an agreement, an administrative fee of CHF 100.00 will be charged.
CONTACT, Tel. +41 61 207 52 33