Terms and conditions for proofreading

Only texts that are not intended for publication may be submitted for the proofreading service.

Signed agreement

Before you submit your text for proofreading, you and your supervisor / lecturer will both have to sign an agreement stipulating that you both consent to the scope of the proofreading.

This agreement will be binding as soon as it has been signed and submitted.

Scope of the proofreading

The agreement indicates the word count of the full text, including the footnotes and the references in case they should also be proofread. Should you want to exclude from proofreading any documents or any parts of any documents that you submit, you must explicitly state so and highlight the exclusions in red. Where there is no explicit exclusion, all submitted text will be proofread and charged accordingly. Please note that the proofreading might alter the word count.

Milestones and timelines in the proofreading cycle

Proofreading is a time-consuming service and failure to adhere to deadlines jeopardize the quality of the proofreading and the ability of the proofreader to return work on time. If the author does not keep to the deadlines, the proofreader will have the option to withdraw from the commission or to return proofread texts after the agreed-upon deadlines.

Authors are expected to adhere to the complete proofreading cycle. This includes a final check by the proofreader of the relevant excerpts under inquiry after the author has accepted / rejected the proofreader's track-change suggestions.

Document format

All the proofread documents will be returned to the author with the track changes function.

Fees and invoicing

CHF 1.90 (incl. VAT) for 100 words or part thereof submitted and designated by the author for proofreading.

Should either the sample and/or the submitted manuscript require demanding proofreading, the fee will be CHF 2.25 (incl. VAT) for 100 words or part thereof. The author will be informed accordingly and must consent before the proofreading starts.

Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt. Should you not submit any manuscript after signing the agreement, an administrative fee of CHF 100.00 will be charged.


Our proofreaders and the document managers who oversee the process will discuss the language and content of a commission with no one besides the authors who are listed as contracting parties.


Neither the Language Center nor the proofreaders at the Language Center take responsibility for plagiarism or other scientific misconduct by the author.

Responsibility, acknowledgment and proofreading certificate

Responsibility for the final version of the text lies with the author. Authors are expected to acknowledge that their text has been proofread by submitting to their supervisors/lecturers the certificate that declares the scope of the proofreading.