Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Language Courses Offered in Collaboration With Various Entities of the University of Basel and Other Cooperating Institutions

The Language Center organizes various courses and events in collaboration with other entities and institutions:

[Translate to English:] Ukrainisch Intensivkurs

JUNE 24 until JULY 5, 2019

Ukrainian Intensive Course

- Afrikaans IV (in collaboration with the Center for African Studies)

(in collaboration with the University Hospital Basel)

- German as a Foreign Language for Health Professionals, German as a Foreign Language: Improving Medical Reports and German as a Foreign Language: Feeling Confident in Conversations at the Hospital

(in collaboration with the Università della Svizzera italiana [USI] and the University of Basel)
Italian with a focus on medicine

Please contact us if you are interested in:

  • tailor-made courses and workshops in a specific language or competence (e.g. academic writing)
  • joint events
  • training in multilingualism and teaching modern foreign languages at university level etc.